Dog Writers Association Event Flyer

DWAA flyer portfolio


The Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA) was established in 1935 to support and recognize outstanding writing and multimedia work that promotes responsible dog ownership, health, and welfare. Every year, they host an awards banquet and have requested a flyer to promote the event and sell tickets.


The challenge is to provide event details and encourage ticket sales in a clear, concise, and actionable way. The target audiences are members of DWAA and those outside the organization involved in writing, photography, blogging, broadcasting, and art related to dogs. The keynote speakers must be featured.

Rather than listing out all of the event details, I chose to highlight key information, such as the new location in New Jersey, which is only “5.2 miles from New York City,” to reassure attendees that it’s not far. I prominently featured the Maxwell Medallion to entice the audience and closed with four memorable words to encourage them to join in the celebration.


I amassed a collection of prior assets and spoke with the Board of Directors and also lobbied to become the DWAA’s President, which I successfully accomplished for a two-year term.

To stay true to the time-honored tradition, I developed the phras, ” Learn, Network, Grow, Celebrate” on all social assets and the awards flyer. As a result, the event sold out for the first time in decade,s and membership grew by 300%. Note: I did not include a CTA button because this flyer was used in a variety of locations and mediums.