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Instagram ad portfolio


Dr. Harvey’s, a U.S. manufacturer of high-quality, natural products for companion animals, focuses on pet parents who treat their pets like family members. They are pioneers in pet health and wholesome base mixes for homemade pet food, supplements, treats, and grooming products.


Dr. Harvey’s partnered with FidoseofReality.com, a top dog blogger, to host a holiday photo contest with their products in conjunction with other brands. The giveaway will be hosted on FidoseofReality.com’s blog and will require organic and paid social media promotion during the busy Christmas holiday season. FidoseofReality.com will put advertising dollars behind this ad on Instagram for more targeted viewing and conversions.

Using a warm, welcoming, and helpful tone, the copy and content must complement each other and encourage dog moms and dads to enter the giveaway. Dr. Harvey’s will cross promote.


Because Instagram reels are increasingly popular and help businesses reach a wider audience, I created a six-panel Instagram reel with text overlay on each panel.

Combined with cheerful, upbeat holiday-themed music, the 20-second reel is fun and smile-inducing and outlines the photo contest details while delighting pet parents.

The reel was concurrently shared on Instagram Stories for more traction and entries. Dr. Harvey’s products are spotlighted in one panel and tagged in all promotions as the main sponsor. The handy ‘link in bio’ call to action enabled dog moms and dads to enter with one click from Instagram. The contest was a success and traffic to Dr. Harvey’s website increased during the duration of the reel’s promotions.