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Rover The Dog People operates a website, blog, and app-based service connecting pet parents with local dog sitters, dog walkers, and other pet care services. Their highly-trafficked online blog receives over 1.3 million visits per month, providing advice and information on all things dog-related.


Rover wanted a fun and lighthearted piece about canine fashion while spotlighting this growing trend. Some people may find dog clothing frivolous or silly, but this piece aims to address form, function, and dog fashion in a positive light. Additionally, it seeks to address naysayers and encourage them to read the article and understand why some pet parents choose canine fashion. This added an additional challenging layer to the piece.


My approach to this piece of content marketing is a blog post. It involved reaching out to pet parents who have dogs active in the pet fashion world. I sought out and interviewed several pet fashionistas and pet clothing designers. I included many images of dogs in couture, including my own dog, to provide a first-hand experience from the author’s perspective. The post appeared s on page one of a Google search for ‘custom canine couture,’ which exceeded Rover’s expectations. The piece can be viewed by clicking on the image to the left or at