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Client: is a health and wellness blog for Cocker Spaniels and their canine friends. They feature content addressing dog health, behavior, training, nutrition, products, and lifestyle for dogs, particularly Cocker Spaniels. They requested a blog post dealing with dogs that are nervous on car rides.


Addressing dog anxiety in a moving vehicle is a highly competitive topic. To ensure the post’s success, I utilized my SEO knowledge to identify a long-tail keyword phrase and associated subheadings. However, one of the challenges of covering this topic is finding reliable information and credible sources to provide effective solutions. Additionally, the content must be helpful and actionable for the targeted audience of pet parents who travel with their dogs (or wish to do so.)


Dog anxiety in a car can stem from multiple reasons, and I addressed each one by providing targeted keywords and actionable steps for the readers. In addition, I monetized this post by including affiliate links for products that help dogs with car anxiety. I also suggested creating a targeted video to demonstrate the steps with an actual dog in a car to increase traction on both the blog and YouTube. As a result of these efforts, the post consistently receives over 1,000 pageviews per month.