Work Smarter, Not Harder.

It’s time to disrupt your copy and content marketing strategies.

$147 billion. That’s how much Americans spent on their pets in 2023. You deserve your fair share of this lucrative market.

Competition is fierce in the pet industry, animal health, and lifestyle sectors. You strive for a competitive edge to differentiate your products and services in a crowded marketplace.

As a fellow niche business owner, I completely get it.

There’s even more competition since the pandemic. Pet parents are willing to spend on their pets, but they are selective and have an overwhelming amount of options. Are you their go-to, must-have brand?

I help pet, animal health, and lifestyle brands achieve copy and content marketing success using well-trained words that work.    

Reaching The Right Audience

As part of the 70 percent of US households that own a pet, I am very selective about spending money on what my Cocker Spaniel eats, plays with, wears, his medical care, and what products we use in and around the home.

Modern pet parents are knowledgeable and discerning. Your words need to work smarter to capture and retain their attention.

Oh, and you don’t need to work with fancy marketing agencies to get the results you deserve.

A well-known pet brand contacted me recently to redo their Tone and Voice Guide because the 5-figure marketing agency they hired completely Missed. The. Mark.

The Niche Expertise You Need

Your copy and content marketing deserves to be in the care of a niche copywriter who specializes in and understands the unique needs of your business today, tomorrow, and with the changing times ahead.

You wouldn’t ask your veterinarian to perform open heart surgery on your dog. General practitioners refer their patients to specialists for a reason — the pet’s issues fall outside the expertise they can provide.

Leveraging my experience in pet PR and Marketing for the last 15 years has been instrumental in driving the growth of my clients in the pet industry, animal health, and lifestyle sectors.

Tired of broken promises and words that fell flat, eager clients contacted me to disrupt the old way of doing things. Smart Dog Copy was born.

Stop wasting your efforts and budget on someone without the specialized knowledge and experience to resonate with your audience and drive real results.  

Let’s do this.

A Select Few of My Clients

Fun Facts About Carol Bryant

  • My dog and I landed an extended segment on Oprah Radio with Gayle King to dish dogs.
  • My hobbies include pet-friendly road trips, listening to Elvis music, dancing (often with my dog), and anything related to Christmas.
  • I am the Immediate Past President of the Dog Writer’s Association of America and helped increase membership by 100%.
  • I own the trademark to “My Heart Beats Dog” and wear it proudly as a permanent tattoo on my left bicep.
  • When the Worst Cooks in America show sent out a casting call, I was selected as a finalist and turned them down. (I couldn’t leave my dog.)
  • Cocker Spaniels own my heart and soul. My second Cocker, Dexter, rode shotgun cross-country several times to attend pet blogging conferences I helped facilitate.

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