Bespoke copywriting and content marketing that speaks to your target audience.

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Here are some of the many services I offer:

Digital Copy

Generating leads and engaging your target audience is paramount to digital copy. I’ll help drive your ideal customer to take the desired action with:

  • Banner ads that promote your products or services and drive traffic to your website.
  • Video scripts that deliver a creative narrative to build trust, pique interest, and motivate action.
  • Social media ads to drive conversions that won’t result in Facebook jail or Instagram suspension.
  • Product descriptions that combine storytelling and story selling to turn browsers into buyers.
  • Quizzes that serve as lead magnets and surveys to identify pain points, desires, and insights.

Website Copy

Effective website and online copy should guide your audience toward a desired action. I’ll help you build trust and credibility by utilizing my SEO background with effective:

  • Landing pages with irresistible headlines and compelling copy laser-focused on your conversion goals.
  • Service pages that spotlight your offerings to attract new customers and grow your business.
  • About Me pages to peel back the curtain, build rapport, and share your unique selling points.
  • Sales pages to convert a maybe into a “yes, I do!”
  • Website pages tailored to create a memorable online presence that separates you from the pack.

Brand Identity

Your brand’s visual and emotional representation is at the heart of everything you do. All me to communicate your brand’s personality, values, and uniqueness with:

  • Tone guides to define your brand’s emotions, mood, style, and word choices for consistency for everything from marketing materials to social media messaging and internal emails.
  • Voice guides to clearly delineate your brand’s style and language aspects from grammar to vocabulary, to ensure all communications are written with a consistent style and voice.
  • Tag lines and slogans so your brand is on the tip of the tongue and in the minds of target consumers.

Email Copy

Email is a powerful and effective marketing tool when done right. Let me get your audience to sit, stay, read, and pay attention with:

  • Email sales funnels that lead your subscribers along a journey that builds trust while educating, addressing their pain points, and leading them to your benefit-filled solution. I’ll guide your subscriber from initial awareness to final purchase.
  • Welcome and nurture email sequences to build trust and credibility with your audience, including blog post roundups, educational emails, and informative content tailored to your recipients.

Print Copy

Print copy is still very much alive in various mediums and markets. Words and visuals work in tandem to create a magical piece of print copy that resonates with your target audience through:

  • Press releases that are newsworthy and tell a story so journalists, bloggers, and other media outlets are eager to learn more.
  • Event promotions that beg to be read. Flyers and brochures are a hot commodity at trade shows, with stakeholders, and in conjunction with the event itself.
  • Book blurbs that grab the reader’s attention and convince her to make a purchase.
  • Sales letters that touch the heart, reach the mind, and convert to dollars.
  • Newspaper and magazine ads that stop the page flipper in her tracks.

Additional Services

  • Creative strategy: Maybe you have no idea what you need and need to bounce ideas off someone and get feedback. Let’s talk.


Your business is top of mind when a consumer is ready to buy what you sell. I’ll attract, engage, and help retain your target audience through blog posts, newsletters, and content strategy.

Allow me to increase your online visibility, generate more leads, boost loyalty, and improve your authority.

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Shareable, useful, SEO-optimized content designed to increase brand awareness, establish trust, attract new customers, and nurture leads, reinforcing your brand as the expert.

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One of the best ways to build and maintain relationships with your audience is through consistent, dedicated emails. Keep your business top of mind while driving website traffic.

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Content Strategy

Educate and entertain your target audience by creating valuable content that resonates with them.
I’ll create a content plan with a purpose and how to spread it far and wide.

Discover the Do’s & Don’ts of Copywriting for Pet, Animal Health, and Lifestyle Brands