Single Email

Motor oil email portfolio spec 2


A-1 Motor Oil produces high-performance motor oil for high-end, performance cars. They aim to increase product awareness and drive purchases through an email campaign targeting their subscribers.



The target recipients are men aged 35 to 50 who own expensive, high-performance cars. The challenge is to create an email that establishes an emotional connection with the reader while emphasizing the product’s benefits in a succinct and effective way. A clear and inviting call-to-action is mandatory, directing the reader to the company’s website where they can purchase the motor oil.


My research indicates that the target demographic doesn’t mind spending more on the best car products, as taking care of his car is a hobby to which he devotes a lot of time. I compared his car to a queen and invited him to treat it with the very best: the ‘crown jewel of motor oils.’ I included engine ‘language’ with clear benefits of using A-1 Motor Oil. He is also invited to purchase the product with a clear and enticing call to action.