Sweet Paws Bakery Email Funnel



Sweet Paws Bakery is a Florida-based business that offers various services, including a dog bakery, boutique, dog daycare, and self-serve dog wash. They also provide a monthly box service that delivers bakery goodies for dogs straight to the pet parent’s doorstep. The owner wants to offer an exclusive, limited-time deal first to her regular clients and then to the general public.


The challenge is to generate excitement and encourage pet parents to subscribe to the gift box service during this special promotion. With dozens of subscription boxes available, it is crucial to motivate pet parents to choose Sweet Paws Bakery as their ongoing provider. The question is, what would make a pet parent engage with this campaign and become a customer? I have been given free reign over the campaign details.

After conducting research on the client’s online presence and engagement, I developed a 6-day email marketing campaign targeted at her existing database of several thousand subscribers. Each email is strategically crafted to pique curiosity along the buyer’s journey, and I provided four subject line options for each of the six emails. Rather than investing in a one-time social media campaign, the emails offer an authentic, personalized experience to each recipient. I included touch-points that differentiate Sweet Paws Bakery from any other canine-centric box service. The tone is fun and tailored to Sweet Paws Bakery’s ideal customer avatar, which I extensively researched.


The client was thrilled with the campaign. Click to the left to view the entire campaign.