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Client: Founded in 2010, Fidose of Reality is a dog health and wellness blog and resource that covers topics related to Cocker Spaniels and their canine friends.


Creating an updated About Me page that captures the essence of the founder and blog.

Contrary to popular belief, an effective About Me page tells a story while building a sense of trust. The brand personality must shine through while focus on the blog’s reader: pet parents with dogs/Cocker Spaniels.


When the target audience, a pet parent with a Cocker Spaniel (or any dog) lands on this page, the tone is friendly and welcoming, much like the site’s founder. Because Fidose of Reality’s mission is to provide factual information to dog moms and dads, I start with that point to grab the reader’s attention.

I injected the founder’s style, experience, and love for dogs with new subheads reflective of her background.

When reading the About Page, I want pet parents to know why the founder’s story matters to them. This is a story to be told. The About Page is all about the benefit to the consumer, and the About page hits a home run.