Synergy Labs Newsletter

Synergy Labs newsletter portfolio 2


Synergy Labs is a Florida-based manufacturer of animal health and veterinary care products. The company was founded in 2005 and produces the Veterinary Formula line of pet grooming and health products, which are formulated with veterinary-grade ingredients to address specific skin and coat conditions in cats and dogs. In addition to their product line, Synergy Labs recently resurrected their monthly internal newsletter, The Bark.


I was assigned to write copy for the company’s monthly newsletter showcasing the accomplishments of the Marketing Department. The task presented several challenges, such as the limited space of 300 words or less, the need to highlight all significant achievements, and writing for a diverse audience of professionals from various departments and roles, including veterinarians, marketing and sales professionals, quality control specialists, and administrative staff.


After collaborating with my point of contact on the creative brief, I fleshed out the essential points to include. Synergy Labs required a professional yet approachable tone that is informative and engaging while highlighting the Marketing Department’s achievements. The client responded positively, stating, “Excellent, this looks very good!”