Veterinary Formula Voice Guide

Veterinary Formula portfolio voice guide


Synergy Labs, the parent company of Veterinary Formula Clinical Care, requested a Voice Guide to include in their overall rebranding strategy. They are a USA-based company founded in 2005 and a leader in the pet health space.


Because this project involves a total rebrand, the challenges include understanding the brand’s new identity, providing guidelines on language and vocabulary, and defining the voice and how it will be used in different situations. The document needs to be tight, concise, and no more than two to three pages, as the client prefers a brief yet detailed guide.


After conducting extensive research on the company and speaking with the appropriate marketing executives, I identified their mission, audience, language, and key messaging points to include in the Voice Guide. I narrowed down dozens of pages of information into clear, brief statements in line with the company’s personality, values, and target audience. The client shared, ‘There are many brands out there with a similar tone of voice, so we want to differentiate ourselves as much as possible. Well done!'”

Note: This is one page of a three-page proprietary document.