Macys Email

Macys email portfolio piece


Macy’s, a major American department store chain, appeals to a wide range of men and women interested in fashion, home decor, beauty products, and accessories. They also collaborate with popular designers and brands in their regular product offerings. SPEC AD


Macy’s wants to send out an email to drive men to their physical stores to purchase fall sweaters during a limited-time sales event. The challenge is to appeal to a specific target audience of men between the ages of 28 and 45 with household incomes of $50K+. It is understood that these men are motivated by savings, convenience, and style and are less motivated for a “wardrobe refresh” compared to many female shoppers. The tone must be promotional, clever, and with a sense of urgency because it is a time-sensitive email.


To appeal to all males within the demographic for this email, I featured men in fall sweaters engaging in various autumn activities. To keep recipients engaged, the copy is broken down into small sections featuring one-word fall activities, and hits on all the key points and benefits of the sale. By calling out top name designers in the introductory text and asking what the recipient has in common with them, I have piqued their curiosity to continue reading. Two strategically placed call-to-action buttons allow recipients to easily find a Macy’s store nearby and browse the selection online before heading to their closest location. A sense of urgency is repeated in different sections.