Book Trailer


To complement the book, ‘Pet Blogging for Love and Money’, the authors requested a book trailer under 90 seconds that would be shared on social media, in blog posts, and in newsletters.


The challenge of creating this video is to appeal to the book’s target audience of women who identify as pet moms and are interested in starting or growing a pet blog and social media presence.

The video must feature various pets, as the book focuses on ‘pet’ blogging. It is crucial to maintain a professional and informative tone while also making the video enjoyable and engaging to encourage viewers to purchase the book. Additionally, the video needs to keep the viewers’ attention for around 90 seconds.

Initially, I researched the pet blogging world and the pet industry to gather relevant statistics. Using these figures, along with the authors’ expertise, I developed a strong outline for the video script. The women featured in the video are portrayed as professionals with their pets by their side. I clearly emphasized the book’s intended audience and reassured viewers that no technical background is required to begin or continue their pet blogging journey.


The script and accompanying video performed well in newsletters and a social media push with a book tour. The authors report “very good” sales on Amazon.