Back of Book Summary/Blurb

book copywriting portfolio


I co-authored a book titled ‘Pet Blogging for Love and Money.’ The book aims to assist aspiring and experienced pet bloggers in enhancing their skills. It was available in print and digital format. The target reader identifies as a pet mom rather than an owner and is already active on social media.


The challenge was to create a compelling blurb for the back cover of our 9″ x 6″ book, leaving enough space for graphics, author images, and bios. The blurb should be concise, informative, and reflective of the authors’ voices while highlighting what sets this blogging book apart from others.


To make our book appealing to our target audience, we emphasized the specific benefits readers can expect from applying the information provided.

In just two short paragraphs, readers understand what they can gain from the material and bonuses included in the book. As a result, our book consistently outperformed other titles in its category on Amazon, selling more copies.