The New Yorker Banner Ad


The New Yorker is widely regarded as the most influential magazine in the world. Established in 1925, the publication offers digital subscriptions and targets readers between the ages of 30 and 50 with household incomes of $75K+ through a banner ad. The ad is intended to boost the magazine’s digital-only subscription base. SPEC AD


The challenge lies in crafting compelling copy that aligns with the New Yorker’s sophisticated brand, all within the confines of a single, dynamic banner ad. The ad should consist of three frames, strategically designed to loop three times before landing on the final frame, and effectively engage busy professionals who are always on-the-go to subscribe to the magazine’s digital content. They are not current subscribers, but familiar with the publication. The three-panel ad is brief and must capture the essence of The New Yorker in tone, layout, color, and context.


I chose to tap into politics, social issues, and fiction to capture the attention of professionals on-the-go. I opted to show individuals of various genders and ethnic backgrounds using a range of tech devices. Each screen provides the reader with a clear and consistent call-to-action to go digital with The New Yorker magazine. Press play on the video to the left.