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Pet Releaf is an American company founded in 2015 that produces and sells organic CBD-infused products for pets, including oils, capsules, topical creams, and edibles such as chewable dog treats.


Pet Releaf partnered with, a top-rated health and wellness dog blogger. The goal of the contract was to gain brand awareness and sell more products through Fidose of Reality’s audience and effort, which was accomplished through social media, blog posts, and newsletters. My challenge was to help Fidose of Reality spread the word about Pet Releaf products in an organic, natural, honest way.


I created an email newsletter for Fidose of Reality’s audience, consisting of several thousand subscribers. The subject line I used was “Toss the Confetti: The Results of My 1-Year Canine CBD Study Are In,” accompanied by a corresponding snippet that read, “All your questions answered.”

Because wrote several blog posts featuring Pet Releaf products, I focused on the most commonly asked questions pet parents have about CBD for dogs. I answered those questions using FidoseofReality’s blog posts, which recipients had to click on for details.

My goal was to achieve a high open rate and an equally high click-through rate for various blog posts dedicated to Pet Releaf and its line of products for dogs. The email received a 55.1% open rate and an 8.8% click-through rate on the posts, and the client was thrilled with the results.