I Love My Dog Facebook


I Love My Dog So Much is a US-based online magazine that focuses on dogs, providing entertainment, educational resources for pet parents, and information on animal rescue. The website also has an accompanying Facebook page with over five million followers, providing dog lovers with a community to engage with and share their love for dogs.


The challenge is tapping into the emotions of pet parents without sounding like clickbait. I wrote copy for five to seven articles per day with accompanying Facebook headlines and subheads designed to engage followers. Another challenge is selecting images that capture the meaning of the piece while staying within Facebook’s ever-changing guidelines and rules, ensuring that the content remains visible and reaches as many people as possible.

came across a heartwarming story about a young child who helped calm the fears of the family dog during a thunderstorm. Using credited images from the video, I crafted a piece that highlighted the bond between the toddler and his petrified pooch, capturing the attention of the I Love My Dog audience, which is primarily women.


The post was shared widely on Facebook and quickly went viral, resonating with dog lovers across the globe.

In the client’s words, “Carol was such an asset to our company I Love My Dog So Much.

I Love My Dog on Facebook quickly grew to be one of the largest dog pages on Facebook with over 5mm followers.

However, with a large following comes the need for quality content and lots of it. And, this is where Carol came in. I could always depend on Carol for her daily stories that were highly engaging for our fan base.

She had a skillset of being able to provide that high daily volume of content but also the quality of work. Carol was one of our best assets.