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Copywriting Success Stories from Real Life

Copywriting isn’t easy, but it’s a lot of fun and an important part of who I am and what I do. Sharing copywriting success stories showcases the value of what I do and what I know.

Sharing outcomes is one of my favorite parts of being a small business owner. Maybe you’re reading this, and you’re a business owner in some capacity. When’s the last time you shared (in an authentic way):

  • A testimonial from a customer or client
  • Results from something awesome you did or sold
  • How a client found you
  • How you went above and beyond meeting their needs

It’s important to do this with a purpose because buying something or hiring someone is a risk.

Success stories with proof of concept in the form of social shares, a blog post, a LinkedIn status update, or a portfolio piece are golden.

Your words are your calling card these days. It’s 2024 and now you and I are competing with AI. I love the feeling of bliss that races along my spine when I write original content, like this post, and original copy for my clients.

Here then are some of my favorite copywriter success stories along with access to my copywriting portfolio so you can read more.

Copywriting Success Stories #1

Client: Vetstreet, a division of Covetrus, is a website providing information and articles on pet health and wellness.  Its content is geared toward today’s modern pet parent.

Challenge: I was tasked with writing a curated, concise section for a new Wagz product called the Freedom Collar. The copy would be included in an article featuring the Best Dog GPS Trackers. The challenge was helping pet parents understand why the Wagz Freedom Collar would benefit both them and their dogs. This condensed product description must also touch on highlights and things to consider before the reader purchases.

Because the Wagz Freedom Collar offers unique features other GPS collars don’t, I emphasized those points in the body text and highlights section. The language is light, informative, and not overly technical.

Results: The client was happy, and the post performed well.

Wagz dog collar product description

Copywriting Success Stories #2

Client: Dog daycare and training facility, WoofDah

Challenge: I was tasked with revamping the company’s website, starting with the four main pages: Homepage, Daycare page, Boarding page, and New Client Welcome and Intake. The owner did not feel her voice, tone, and culture were not represented prior to hiring me.

By diving into Woofdah’s target audience, researching what her clients had to say, and have an in-depth conversation with the owner, I gained what was needed to move forward in the creative process – these included client demographics, psychographics, pain points, and preferences.

Results: In the client’s words, “Carol has major attention to detail. Although she is a creative person, she made it [the website] ours, not hers. Creative and quick turnaround, super responsive. I highly recommend working with Carol for any copywriting needs. She is very thorough and will produce what you need, not what she wants, which is an issue I’ve had a lot of trouble with in the past when working with creatives.”

Copywriting success story

Copywriting Success Stories #3

Client: Dog Writer’s Association of America (DWAA)

Challenge: I was tasked with breathing life back into the DWAA’s yearly awards and banquet and creating a flyer with a tagline that would be both memorable and shareable.

DWAA was formed on the eve of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in 1935. Their traditions are steeped in history. I needed to stay true to the honor of being a DWAA esteemed member while inviting a new audience of members to join and attend.

I amassed a collection of prior assets and spoke with the Board of Directors and also lobbied to become the DWAA’s President, which I successfully accomplished for a two-year term. To stay true to the time-honored tradition, I developed the phrase, ” Learn, Network, Grow, Celebrate” on all social assets and the awards flyer.

Results: The event sold out for the first time in decades and membership grew by 300%.

DWAA flyer portfolio

How To Share Your Customer Success Stories

There’s a difference between boasting and sharing. Sharing means being authentic, providing social proof, and being a part of the conversation in your field.

Here are my favorite time-tested tips for sharing customer success stories:

  • Social media: Reels, Instagram Stories, how something you sold made a difference. Don’t just tell me you have the best dog training facility. Show me. Have your clients show me.
  • Email newsletter: Include customer success stories, for sure, but also be a problem solver. Are you a manufacturer of homemade dog treats? Did a dog stop itching after eating your treats? Have your client show me that in a newsletter. People are bored being sold at and sold to. The proof is in the case study and testimonial.
  • Podcasts: If you can be a guest on a podcast with reach, go for it. Tell your story. What did it take to get to where you are? Someone, somewhere, can relate.
  • Content marketing: Make friends with your fans. Make fans of your followers. Such as a YouTube video, a strategic set of blog posts, being on or creating a podcast, sharing case studies, hosting a free webinar, lead magnets, etc.
  • LinkedIn: Add to the conversation and just don’t brag. People see through it. Share what you did, how you helped, what you do, but be authentic.

If you’d prefer to work on your business and have a professional copywriter and content marketer help elevate your brand, let’s connect. I’m in my 16th year of doing this, and here’s my sample portfolio for more examples of success stories.

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