Solving pet industry trend issues with proper copywriting

Navigating Key Pet Industry Trends: Impacts on Effective Copywriting

Pet industry trends are similar to all niche trends. A general development or a change in a situation, such as how people behave, signifies a trend. It’s interesting how a trend evolves into something more permanent, such as the pet CBD market, increased use of sustainable products, and pet humanization.

Trends shape the pet and animal health industries and redefine the strategies and approaches used in copywriting. By understanding and adapting to these trends through effective, targeted copy across all platforms and mediums, brands can expect conversions and return on investment.

Here are some of the trends working their way to permanency in the pet and animal space and how brands should use compelling copy to resonate with target audiences.

Ethical and Sustainable Practices in the Pet Industry

Sustainability involves managing resources and waste so that pets’ needs are met without compromising future generations.

Brands involved in sustainability are miles ahead of the competition. An overwhelming 78 percent (1) of American consumers say a sustainable lifestyle is important to them. Another 70 percent of pet parents worldwide are concerned about climate change and strive to change their everyday choices (2).

The Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC) assists brands with sustainable packaging and proteins. At the 2024 Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida, PSC hosted the first-ever Sustainability Section featuring brands like Brutus Broth, Austin and Kat, and Tuesday’s Natural Dog Company.

How to position your copy: Tell your story. Savvy pet parents want to know about your brand’s journey toward ethical and sustainable practices. Highlight eco-friendly manufacturing processes, renewable resources, and efforts to reduce carbon footprint so pet parents can understand, relate, feel connected, and empowered.

Pet Tech and Smart Products

From self-cleaning litter boxes to GPS tracking collars and timed feeding systems, the rise in pet tech and smart products shows no signs of slowing down.

Consider brands like Invoxia, who launched a smart dog collar to monitor your dog’s health in real-time biometrically or FluentPet Connect, which created a wi-fi connected system of recordable buttons so pets can express themselves.

Fun fact: My dog talks to me by using several buttons. I know when he is hungry and needs to go potty, and much more. I am not alone. Millions of pet parents are embracing pet tech.

It’s not just dogs and cats – there’s an AI-powered hummingbird feeder that notifies you when birds are inside so you can snap photos.

How to position your copy: Everyone wants to know the features and functionalities, but how does this benefit your customer? What is it that will make their life incredibly better? Identify pain points and challenges and how your products provide solutions and peace of mind.

Uber Focus on Pet Health and Wellness

In 2023, Americans spent over $147 billion on their pets – including everything from medicines to boarding, grooming, pet insurance, training, food, and treats.

Informed, savvy pet parents want their pets to live longer, happier, healthier lives. They seek products and services that promote well-being and longevity. This includes:

  • Nutrition
  • Preventative Healthcare and Specialists
  • Hygiene and grooming
  • Holistic and Alternative Therapies
  • Mental and emotional well-being

Since the 1990s, pets have been viewed as more than animals – they are family members. Improved veterinary care and a better understanding of pet health issues contributed to increased awareness and proactive care. Big box chain pet supply stores and boutique retailers offer options and education for pet owners who prefer to be called parents or guardians.

How to position your copy: Communicate your unique value proposition (UVP). Whether promoting longevity, vitality, happiness, or peace of mind for pets and their owners, articulate the benefits that set your pet health and wellness offerings apart.

Traveling with Pets and the Pet-Friendly Market

At least 78 percent of Americans travel with their pets yearly (3). The Pocono Chamber of Commerce invited me to speak on the benefits and trends of traveling with pets. There, I explained this is a permanent trend. Businesses that welcome pets welcome the pocketbooks and repeat business of their customers. Love me, love my dog, cat, etc.

What started one of many pet industry trends is now the very real norm. This means business for pet-friendly resorts, hotels, campgrounds, cruise lines, and airlines. Rolling out the red carpet for pets who travel with their people makes dollars and sense. The pet travel market also includes:

  • Crates, carriers, and containment solutions en route
  • Pet training and behavior products
  • Pet enrichment to keep pets occupied and happy
  • Pet accessories, leashes, harness, etc.
  • Portable water and food bowls
  • First aid supplies
  • Beds, pillows, blankets
  • Pet apparel
  • Vehicles made with pets in mind (i.e., Subaru with the Barkley Family of dogs)

How to position your copy: Start by incorporating multimedia into your copy and content marketing. Talk about your amenities, what makes your pet-welcoming vs. pet friendly, and what is offered on-site and promote inclusivity. Are you a pet travel brand? Up your copy game with unique benefits and show pet parents who and why your brand is in a league of its own.

Keeping Pets Occupied

As pet parents increasingly recognize the importance of mental stimulation and enrichment for their pets, they are turning to various forms of entertainment to keep them engaged and happy. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Interactive toys and puzzles
  • DogTV
  • Tech-driven solutions like touchscreen games
  • Smartphone apps for pets

As our understanding of animal behavior and cognition grows, we expect to see even more innovative ways to satisfy our pets.

How to position your copy: Be specific and show your audience. For example, “Made from non-toxic materials and built to last, our toys are safe for even the most enthusiastic chewers” or “Our laser toys provide endless fun for cats, satisfying their natural hunting instincts and keeping them mentally sharp.” On social media, engage with influencers for user-generated copy. Put your words in action and couple them with videos, Instagram Stories, shortened Tik Tok videos, and go where your target demographic resides.

Personalized Pet Nutrition

Just as people adjust their diets according to health needs, personalized nutrition has taken a stronghold in the pet industry. No longer is a bag of kibble the be all and end all, though for some kibble is still very much a thriving option.

Backed by scientific research highlighting the potential functional advantages of these components for pets, numerous manufacturers have introduced health supplements and novel diets containing probiotics and other solution-oriented ingredients. These aim to promote gut health and overall pet wellness (4).

Pet caregivers seek products featuring fresher, minimally processed ingredients, while actively avoiding those containing artificial additives. Examples of personalized pet nutrition include:

  • Ollie
  • Nom Nom
  • PetPlate
  • JustFoodForDogs
  • The Farmer’s Dog
  • Many new boutique-style brands, like Cola’s Kitchen

How to position your copy: Be clear, transparent, and honest. The pet food market is a multi-billion dollar business, and simply stating, “We are the best,” doesn’t cut it anymore. What are pet parents saying about the food? Are there clear results in a pet’s health after eating the food? Do you have pet nutrition experts on site? Pets are family. Convince your audience why your personalized plan is best.

Pet industry trends Pet Releaf

Pet CBD and Supplements

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound derived from the cannabis plant known for its potential therapeutic effects. As white papers, veterinary studies, and experts come forward to advocate for its usage in reducing anxiety, relieving pain, and improving overall well-being, pet parents are paying attention.

The pet CBD market offers a wide range of products to suit different preferences and needs, including treats, oils, capsules, topicals, and even pet-specific formulations tailored to various ailments. The regulatory landscape surrounding CBD products for pets is still evolving, so pet CBD companies and vitamin/supplement brands must stay informed and complaint with local laws and regulations.

Brands like Pet Releaf go above and beyond with products like Stress Releaf and Hip & Joint Releaf. Stress Releaf is a USDA Organic product with ingredients like organic ashwagandha and organic hemp oil, including CBD, to help promote calming and ease situational stress. Hip & Joint Releaf includes ingredients like Devil’s Claw and organic hemp oil to promote healthy joints and smooth movement.

How to position your copy: Be aware of what you can and cannot say according to FTC and other regulatory guidelines. Be transparent and authentic, and lead by example with case studies, actual client testimonials, and what makes you stand out with fact-based, benefit-driven details.

Pet Apparel

As pets are increasingly regarded as family members, the tendency to humanize them has led to a demand for products and accessories that mimic human fashion trends.

However, pet apparel has grown beyond fru-fru dresses and tuxes for pets to wear to their human’s weddings.

Pet apparel isn’t just about style; it also serves practical purposes. In colder climates, sweaters, coats, and boots can help keep pets warm during walks or outdoor activities. Similarly, protective gear such as raincoats and boots can keep pets dry and comfortable in wet weather. Additionally, specialized apparel like life jackets can enhance pet safety during water activities.

How to position your copy: Know your audience. Are you focusing on the great outdoors and camping gear? High fashion for doggy divas? Develop engaging and informative copy showcasing the apparel in action. Offer guidance on sizing, position yourself as a trusted pet fashion brand, and how and why the well-being and comfort of pets are paramount.

Pet industry trends with three women and dogs on tv show.

Helping People Suffering from Domestic Violence

Many companies and organizations recognize the vital role that pets play in the lives of domestic violence survivors and are taking steps to support women in escaping abusive situations with their pets.

For example, BestyBnB helps domestic violence, mental health, houseless services, and animal welfare agencies secure safe, temporary homes for pets during their owner’s time of crisis. This prevents owner surrender and helps millions of pets and abuse survivors get through hard times.

By working together with shelters, animal welfare organizations, and community partners, companies can help ensure that survivors and their pets can escape abuse and rebuild their lives free from violence.

How to position your copy: Express empathy and understanding for their need to prioritize the safety and well-being of both themselves and their pets. Provide exacting details how your organization can help. People have to first trust you and then trust you at a whole other level with the safety and comfort of their pets.

What If You Need Copywriting Help?

I get it – running a business takes time, money, and resources. You should continue doing that. Effective, skilled copywriters like me understand the mindset of pet parents, the pet industry, animal health, and the veterinary space. It’s what I do, and it’s who I am.

I stay abreast of the latest veterinary, animal health, pet, and lifestyle trends. By understanding your audience and incorporating an emotional connection into the copy, I can help you build trust and create conversions. Services can be customized to align with their brand voice, target audience, and marketing objectives.

It’s a time of innovation, planting seeds and harvesting new crops. What’s in your copy garden these days?

Let’s talk. Contact me today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how outsourcing your copywriting needs can benefit your business.






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